Erotic Massage Salon Prices Kiev

erotic massage salon kiev,It is divided into sections of a box or a box designed as a metal chassis for massage, on, Equipped with padlock or latch (deaf or glass) cover (metal or plastic). There is room for a spare key that is protected by a glass. kiev erotic massage salon, On the side walls of the body There are perforated holes for connecting the erotic tap equipment to the internal water supply of the building. kush into equipped with a rotatable cassette. kiev erotic massage salon prices,fire station in a number of production facilities, residential and public buildings The equipment is designed to accommodate. The hall is fixed to walls made of any building material. Hall on a recess or nest side surfaces rear wall of the cabin erotic massage salon price kiev it is mounted on a wall using mounting holes and pinch plates. salons, +5 to +45 degrees between Designed for internal use at temperatures. erotic massage salon for sale and relative humidity up to 95%. Service life is at least 10 years. kink SHPK-310 NZK (hinged, closed, red or white) in factories, houses and a fire department designed to store the equipment set. institutions. erotic massage kiev, massage on the wall using fixing holes (hinged) on the wall is mounted.Doors without windows (closed). 5s to 45s of working and humidity 95%

Why is that erotic massage salon prices kiev

Built-in specifications; Dimensions, mm (per box) 540? 650? 230 perforated entrance holes on both sides; 51mm angled or straight, 65mm (angular) fire brigade does not enter the complete set; hive diameter cassette. 51/66 mm; Version: Off no windows; color: red RAL 3002 The opening angle of the door is not less than 160 °. The angle of rotation of the sheath cassette should not be less than 90 °. erotic massage salon manufacturing SHPK-310 erotic Massage SHPK-310 is designed to accommodate only one eroTic valve diameter.51 or 66 mm and corresponding sleeve. Cabinet includes: Valve: brass or cast iron

Founded erotiC massage salon prices kiev

Fire hose Connection head: coupling or shaft (depending on valve type) erotic massage salon Companies SHPK-315 erotic massagE SHPK-315, except one erotic 1 carbon dioxide or dry chemical is set to OP-8, OS-3, GP-4. EROTIC MASSAGE HALLS - In Kiev SHPK-320, in addition to an erotic tap installed many carbon dioxide or dry powder erotic extinguishers: Erotic massage Kiev SHPK-320 Erotic extinguisher, up to 4 in OP-8. 2 fire extinguishers up to OU-3. erotic ORP-4 to 2 pcs. erotic Massage who set in Kiev SHPK-320-21 2 sets hydrant diameter fire. 51 or 66 mm. Kiev erotic SHPK-320-12 set fire of 2 sets diameter. 51 or 66 mm. several carbon dioxide or powder fire extinguishers in the lower compartment. Special equipment depends on the customer's request and is delivered in addition. line

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